Theo Arraj, Artist from the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand. 

Set on adding more colour and style to the world one creation at a time, from painting canvas to large scale murals, photography and videography, to illustration and design. Theo Arraj has a range of skills and experience complementing his unique vision. 

"Art is something my family and I have nurtured for as long as I can remember, it's so ingrained that it affects every aspect of my life, including my perspective on the world." 

After running a successful streetwear clothing label for several years Theo has decided to focus his time and energy predominantly on painting, using acrylic and aerosol paints to create mesmerizing meaningful canvases and produce large-scale murals that bring whole walls to life. 

"I believe art carries and emits energy, with that in mind I project positive thoughts and feelings into all my public works, with the intent on helping co-create a more peaceful world full of colour, vibrancy and positive inspiration. Peace by Piece." 

There is a bright future ahead for this talented young creator.

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